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I remember visiting Savannah when I was a child. My distant uncle used to live there and my parents decided to pay him a short visit during our stay on the East Coast. My memories of the city are rather vague, although I remember that the buildings in the city were of the original architecture and were rather big. I know that there are many historical locations in Savannah that this city is renowned for. After all, it is a home to the third largest synagogue in the United States and the founder of the Girls Scouts of the United States of America was born there. Visiting Savannah at any time of the year can be both educational and entertaining. Of course, it depends what you do at Savannah once you visit it. Some people think that sightseeing this attractive city is the best way you can spend your time. Depending on what you want to do, you might have a chance to participate in the Savannah Ghost Tour or take the Savannah Civil War Walk. I believe that such tours last approximately 2 hours so you will have a chance to fit even a few of them into your busy schedule.

Great Vacation Idea

Have you ever thought about taking them too? There are many wonderful places in the world where windsurfing is possible and where it will give you a lot of fun. There are even some places that organize surf camps that take place throughout the whole year (even in January or March) in places like Hawaii, Costa Rica, or the Caribbean. Each camp is aimed at a different type of surfers from kids, teenagers to women, and families. If you prefer to stay in the United States and take surfing lessons on one of the beaches in the US, especially in North Carolina, you might want to consider this vacation idea. Such a vacation could include private lessons, group lessons, boy/girl scouts, and many more. I am sure that surf schools and surf camps organized by various organizations can be a memorable experience for you, your family, and other people that you wish to bring with you on this amazing adventure.


If you have ever been to Europe, you have also probably been to London. London is one of those cities that every traveler needs to see at least once in his lifetime. London is a very big city. It is estimated that around 10 million people live in London and its surrounding areas. It might be easy to get lost in London. If you plan to visit the city soon, make sure you have somebody to show you around. London is also a place where one can meet London singles. Since more than 10 million people live in the area, many singles live there as well.


In the past, I have shared my travel experience with my readers on this blog. This time I would like to discuss where I would like to go on holidays if I could go anywhere I want. First of all, I just want to say that the decision would not be easy, as there are many places that would attract my attention. On the other hand, if I would only be able to choose one place I would probably choose Australia. Australia is a place with more tourism each year and no wonders- it offers a wide array of attractions. I would definitely visit Sydney and see the beaches in many different areas of Australia, as they are suppose to be beautiful at this time of the year. If this got you interested and you are looking for cheap flights to Australia, then look around and you should be able to find something.

Working Abroad

A few days ago I started thinking how it would be if I decided to travel and work abroad. I am not one of those people who like to stay in one place all their life, you probably know that. After all, traveling is one of my hobbies. Even this blog is dedicated to traveling. But let me get back to the topic. I have heard something about jobs in other countries. The idea of working in other countries made me interested. I do not have a lot of experience with looking for jobs in Afghanistan, so I made some research and I found a place I might use to help me find a job in other countries if I ever decide to look for one.

Disneyland Fun

When planning a vacation trip it is the best choice to check the prices of hotels, cars and flights online first as the fees on the net tend to be a lot more attractive. There are various Internet sites designed to offer services that provide discount hotel, car, and flight reservations. Just to give a few examples I can say that various sites have good deals on Disneyland hotels and thanks to their partnership with other websites, they combine various bonuses from other sites like discounts on spas into your holiday package. If you are not sure where you want to go, you can look what holiday destinations are the most popular currently as they reflect what the majority of people enjoy.