Monthly Archives: May 2015

Bags in Summer

Another summer season is just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I have some great plans for the next two months. Most of them consist of weekend getaways, but I also have a longer holiday planned ahead of me I look forward to very much.

Whenever another summer is about to start, I take out all my summer clothes and look what I can wear this season. This is exactly what I did a couple of days ago when the sun was shining and I was at home for the weekend. I finally had a chance to go through all those clothes I haven’t seen for months and they reminded me of all those fond moments I had last year when I was wearing them during the warmer months.

Probably one of the most important accessory I tend to use in summer are bags such as this messenger bag. I can never get enough of them. I just like to have several bags for any occasion for any type of getaway or event. Fortunately for me, bags come in different colours and shapes, which is great taking into account that I have enough of them to match most of my outfits. Having said that, I could always use another bag or two. Even though I have quite a large number of them, another bag would be a nice addition to my ever-growing collection of summer bags. I was thinking about adding something green, something that would go well with my green outfits I shopped for recently.

When looking for my next perfect bag, I am also going to look at its overall functionality. Not only do I want it to look pretty, but I also want it to fulfill the role for which it was designed. Messenger bags are good for summer getaways because you can really fit many things into them.

Music and Fashion are Related

Music and fashion definitely go hand in hand and are closely related to each other. I know it from my personal experience. Whenever I design something and want to show it off, I immediately think about the type of music I might want to use for that particular performance. I usually choose something high quality such as the music performed with quality instruments such as ibanez. I never go for anything less than that.