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Education plan – How to save for you kids’ education wisely


With tuition fees seemingly rising all the time, further education can be expensive. However, investing in your child’s future is one of the greatest investments you will ever make. While you may feel like you will never be able to afford the extortionate rates that are associated with college and university, all it requires is some careful planning. Keeping that in mind, read on for some top tips on education fees planning to ensure that you give your child the platform to excel in their adult life.

Tips on saving for your child’s education fee planning:

  • Start early – The sooner you save, the better. You will find it a lot easier and manageable to save if you do this while your child is closer to primary school age than they are university age. If you only give yourself a few years to save for your child’s education, you are giving yourself a mountain to climb. However, if you start early, you can save in more manageable amounts, and you give any investments the opportunity to grow.
  • Work out how much you can save – It is important to be realistic and work out how much money you can actually save. If you set your expectations too high, you will only find yourself getting stressed as you fail to reach them. Not only do you need to work out how much you can save, but your education plan should include how much you will likely need as well. Therefore, you need to research everything from university fees to the cost of textbooks.
  • Look for education funds – One option you may want to consider is opening an education fund. Before investing in an education fund, however, there are some key aspects you need to consider. This includes the fees you will be charged, what access you will have to the funds, how often you need to contribute, your investment options, as well as fund purchases, i.e. what you can use the savings for.
  • Open a tax-free savings account – When saving for your child’s future, you should save via an ISA (Individual Savings Account), as the returns are tax-free. With this type of account, you get a yearly limit on investments, which means that all returns up to a certain amount – £10,680 in the UK – are tax-free.
  • Look into scholarships and bursaries – You may be eligible for a bursary, which a monetary award is granted to those that are not able to pay the full tuition fees. Scholarships are also available for students that excel while in high school. You will need to consider applying for these.
  • Look for tax breaks – Finally, make sure you look for any tax breaks. You may discover that you can claim tax exemptions for the tuition fees paid, which will lessen the burden significantly.

If you follow the six tips that have been provided, you will certainly find it much easier to save for your child’s future. However, it can often be a bit difficult to know where to start and how to put the pieces of advice that have been mentioned into action. But, don’t fret, as that is where we at Taylor Brunswick Group come into play. Taylor Brunswick has an exceptional amount of experience in education fees planning, and we can help you to put together a plan that is the most affordable for your financial situation while ensuring you meet your goals for your child’s education.

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Essential tips on choosing ballroom dance costume

Dancing can be one of the most wonderful hobbies out there, especially if you know to dance and you are really good at it. But even if you have never danced and you would like to give it a try, don’t be too concerned about your lack of skill, because almost everybody can learn to dance provided that they have the will to get started and persevere.

Dancing can be a social activity if you choose to dance with others, but it will also keep you fit, which in turn will cause your mood to be better. This is why so many people out there choose it as their preferred way to spend their free time. You will find many people in the world who enjoy this wonderful activity and who cannot imagine living without it.

Before starting to dance, it makes sense to have a nice outfit before setting foot on the dance floor. Having a beautiful outfit will make you feel like a queen, even if all you attend are ordinary ballroom dance classes. they will also give you a chance to stand out from the rest of the dancers. Here are some tips on making sure that you get the most of your ballroom dance dresses:

1. Make sure that you are always comfortable. I cannot stress this enough as this is probably one of the most important tips of them all. Even the prettiest dress out there can be useless if you cannot perform certain moves in it or if it makes you feel uncomfortable restraining the movement of your hands and legs. Because of this, you might want to ask yourself a question whether you are buying a dress that fits your goals and whether you will be achieve with it what you have in mind.

2. You want your ballroom dress to reflect your personality and your style. Go for something original and unique, something that nobody else is guaranteed to have, and you should feel good about yourself. Opt for colours you feel comfortable with and listen to your heart (and gut) when it comes to choosing that perfect dress. This task should be easy as there is a multitude of ballroom dance dresses out there just waiting for you to grab one of them. Don’t wait for somebody else to suggest what kind of dress you should wear. Take your own initiative. Having multiple outfits is also a great idea is this will allow you to alternate between a few of them. This will also allow you to keep your outfits in always pristine condition as they will get used up less.

3. Make sure that you don’t overdress. Wearing too many layers can cause you to sweat more easily and can be a problem if you don’t address it. When you dance, you can get hot very easily. Even in winter it makes sense to choose such dresses that are skimpy because dancing is such a wonderful activity that it makes you feel warmer.

4. Take into account your body shape while choosing that perfect dress. Not every dress will suit every dancer out there. If you are a pear you should opt for something different than an hourglass or banana would opt for. There are so many female body shapes out there that determining which type you are should ensure that you choose something that is going to suit you. Never go for something only because somebody else is wearing that. When it comes to dancing and fashion, you need to be unique as much as possible in order to achieve your goals.

5. In everything you do try to have as much fun as possible. After all, dancing is all about having fun and feeling good about yourself.

Most People Do Judge a Book by Its Cover

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield had a very famous catch line where he said, “I don’t get no respect.” While the comedian said this line to be funny, there are many people out there who actually feel this way every single day of their life. What is it that causes some people to be treated with more respect than others?

Well, in some instances it is the perception that people give others about them. As the saying goes, “it is the clothing that makes the man.” This means that when a person dresses well and when they make themselves look professional, other people are going to treat them as if they are professionals. When a person dresses respectably, others are going to treat them in a respectable manner. Why? Because humans are superficial. The decisions that humans make about others are usually based on what they can see with their eyes.

This explains why the well-dressed guy who lives down the block and is about as smart as a box of rocks has the high-paying job, the attractive girlfriend, and the successful life, whereas another individuals who might be more intelligent but dress sloppy are missing out on these things.

Behavioral scientists constantly comment on the fact that for humans the first impression is the strongest impression. People size one another up based on how they look and what they are wearing. The desire that humans have to evaluate one another and make immediate decisions about one another is strong, subconscious, and very emotional. Researchers have seen that people make impressions about another person based on how they are dressed in as little as 30 seconds. However, these impressions will stick with a person for up to five years.

So, what does this mean? Well, it means that the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is not always true in human interaction. A man could be a great father and spend time with his children every single day playing games with their custom cornhole boards. However, if he dresses in a sloppy way or with a style that associates him with a fringe group of society, people’s first impression of him may not be the best.

Thankfully, humans are able to get past first impressions. The more we learn about a person and the more we see their qualities, we can change our first impressions and see them for who they really are.