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Fashion Trends in 2014

Who doesn’t like January sales? By this I mean all types of sales including electronics, books, and fashion of course. Anyway, I usually like to wait until the beginning of a New Year to shop for some clothes online as I know that I am going to grab a good deal or two. I guess this yer is not going to be any different. I am still shopping for some fashionable clothes and I am still grabbing the good deals from all over the Internet, deals that put many smiles on my face.

What are some of the fashion trends for 2014? This season, women are going to dress in a simple way. Their clothes will be colorful, but pin-stripped and spotted clothes are going to be replaced by plain ones. Gone are the days when striped and checked clothing dominated the fashion industry. Now, with the new season around the corner, women (as well as men) want to look classy, elegant, smart and chic, but not scruffy as it used to be popular in the past. Flowery and tartan patterns are going to remain trendy, but they are going to be reserved for certain situations only. There won’t be any baggy or loose clothes this season as well as many women will choose to opt for skin-tight jeans or other tight clothing.

Pin-up Darling

One of the nicest things about the month of January each year is that at this time of year many great sales take place. This also includes sites like Pin-up Darling, which offer clothes that combine the look of the past with modern styles.

I spent a good half an hour looking at the website. My favorite items include all the pink and red items that I could wear for the upcoming Valentine day soon. There are several pieces of clothing that I am consider buying now. I am not sure what my budget is going to be, but I am sure that I am going to be able to save something to allow me to complete the purchase.

Personally, I think that clothes that fuse the timeless look of the past with modern stylish clothing may be something to look forward to. If you think the same, then feel free to take a look at Pin-up Darling, which features some very nice items indeed. They are all categorized in a nice and systematic way to allow for a smooth experience of choosing what you like. In other words, you should be able to find exactly what you want just by looking at the categories of the items that they have available for sale.

Working in Fashion

So you want to work in fashion? The good news is that fashion jobs can be very rewarding and well paid careers, the bad however is that they are extremely competitive. So how can you get ahead of the crowd and into a job in fashion? Try these steps out and see how they work.

Be interested. I’m sure this sounds like common sense but you will be amazed how many fall short in this area. It is all very well liking clothes and fashion but you need to take your interest further in order to get one of the top fashion jobs. That means reading magazines, following blogs and genuinely absorbing the world of fashion nonstop. Your competitors certainly will be.

Education is also an important area. Whether you go to university or study at a private college many academic courses are specifically geared towards the fashion industry. Some are more placement orientated working you towards a specific job within the fashion industry whilst other courses may be more generic. Be sure to bear this in mind when seeking out your dream fashion job.

An alternative option is to consider an apprenticeship or internship. Many of the top fashion brands offer numerous places a year to keen, bright and passionate individuals. Such placements can give you an invaluable leg up in what is an extremely competitive industry. You may start off doing basic errands and grunt work but over time you will develop skills and experience that rivals for your deem fashion job will not have. Such experience is invaluable when it comes to application time. Without doubt internships and apprenticeships are one of the most effective ways to get ahead in the fashion industry.

Finally if all else fails just be persistent and even go it alone if you have to. Keep working at things, keep researching, write your own blogs, design your own labels, and whatever it is that you love about fashion make sure you keep at it. By ensuring you work ethic is there and you maintain that fire you will soon reach your goals.

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