Fashion Trends in 2014

Who doesn’t like January sales? By this I mean all types of sales including electronics, books, and fashion of course. Anyway, I usually like to wait until the beginning of a New Year to shop for some clothes online as I know that I am going to grab a good deal or two. I guess this yer is not going to be any different. I am still shopping for some fashionable clothes and I am still grabbing the good deals from all over the Internet, deals that put many smiles on my face.

What are some of the fashion trends for 2014? This season, women are going to dress in a simple way. Their clothes will be colorful, but pin-stripped and spotted clothes are going to be replaced by plain ones. Gone are the days when striped and checked clothing dominated the fashion industry. Now, with the new season around the corner, women (as well as men) want to look classy, elegant, smart and chic, but not scruffy as it used to be popular in the past. Flowery and tartan patterns are going to remain trendy, but they are going to be reserved for certain situations only. There won’t be any baggy or loose clothes this season as well as many women will choose to opt for skin-tight jeans or other tight clothing.