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Fashion Matters

Not that many things matter to me in life than fashion. It is of utmost importance for me to make sure that I always dress fashionably, whether it is autumn, winter, or spring. I simply put a lot of attention to detail, and I like the idea of always looking good.

On the other hand, fashion is always a way for me to express myself and the way I feel about various things. One way to accomplish this is to wear clothes with some sort of message. When you look at TeeIsland, then you will know what I am talking about here.

What I like about TeeIsland is the variety of great clothes they offer with very funny and straight-to-the point messages. I had a lot of fun browsing all the messages on the T-shirts, and I was able to find many of them that I liked. I had been planning to expand my wardrobe for some time now, so it is perfect timing for me as I am going to be purchasing some items soon.

The website got a very nice, complete overhaul recently and it is a lot easier to find on it anything you want. This is great news for all those who want fashion to be accessible and who don’t want to spend too much time looking for the items they might want to buy and wear.

Fashion Trends in 2014

Who doesn’t like January sales? By this I mean all types of sales including electronics, books, and fashion of course. Anyway, I usually like to wait until the beginning of a New Year to shop for some clothes online as I know that I am going to grab a good deal or two. I guess this yer is not going to be any different. I am still shopping for some fashionable clothes and I am still grabbing the good deals from all over the Internet, deals that put many smiles on my face.

What are some of the fashion trends for 2014? This season, women are going to dress in a simple way. Their clothes will be colorful, but pin-stripped and spotted clothes are going to be replaced by plain ones. Gone are the days when striped and checked clothing dominated the fashion industry. Now, with the new season around the corner, women (as well as men) want to look classy, elegant, smart and chic, but not scruffy as it used to be popular in the past. Flowery and tartan patterns are going to remain trendy, but they are going to be reserved for certain situations only. There won’t be any baggy or loose clothes this season as well as many women will choose to opt for skin-tight jeans or other tight clothing.

Working in Fashion

So you want to work in fashion? The good news is that fashion jobs can be very rewarding and well paid careers, the bad however is that they are extremely competitive. So how can you get ahead of the crowd and into a job in fashion? Try these steps out and see how they work.

Be interested. I’m sure this sounds like common sense but you will be amazed how many fall short in this area. It is all very well liking clothes and fashion but you need to take your interest further in order to get one of the top fashion jobs. That means reading magazines, following blogs and genuinely absorbing the world of fashion nonstop. Your competitors certainly will be.

Education is also an important area. Whether you go to university or study at a private college many academic courses are specifically geared towards the fashion industry. Some are more placement orientated working you towards a specific job within the fashion industry whilst other courses may be more generic. Be sure to bear this in mind when seeking out your dream fashion job.

An alternative option is to consider an apprenticeship or internship. Many of the top fashion brands offer numerous places a year to keen, bright and passionate individuals. Such placements can give you an invaluable leg up in what is an extremely competitive industry. You may start off doing basic errands and grunt work but over time you will develop skills and experience that rivals for your deem fashion job will not have. Such experience is invaluable when it comes to application time. Without doubt internships and apprenticeships are one of the most effective ways to get ahead in the fashion industry.

Finally if all else fails just be persistent and even go it alone if you have to. Keep working at things, keep researching, write your own blogs, design your own labels, and whatever it is that you love about fashion make sure you keep at it. By ensuring you work ethic is there and you maintain that fire you will soon reach your goals.

For fashion jobs across the globe visit Talisman Fashion.

Fashion And Golf Shoes

This is probably the best era to play golf. This can be attributed to the advancements made in technology, easier access to golf course and the easily accessible golfing equipment. The golf shoes too are not left behind when it comes to fashion and golf. You simply need to take a look at a shoes displayed for sale and you will confirm this.

If you go back 50 years, you would probably be disappointed with the choice of shoes they had back then in the shops. Choices available were so limited and only a handful of designs were sold by the manufacturers. Some of the golf shoes were produced using heavy and unwieldy leather including other unattractive rubbery materials.

Nowadays however the situation is a lot different from the past. Fashion is taken into consideration when producing golf shoes and there is a wide variety to pick from. In fact people are nowadays spoilt for choice when choosing shoes to buy. Until recently, all golf shoes looked the same as before. However, manufacturers referred to these types of shoes as classic styles. Things quickly changed as soon as professional golfers began wearing shoes designed like sport trainers. The shoes are made to meet fashion and comfort needs of the players.

Current golf players are more concerned about fashion when it comes to picking shoes and this is the main reason why golf trainers became so popular within a short period of time. Consequently, designers started thinking creatively about making the shoes fashionable and trendy. When shopping for these shoes, it is important to try out different brands. It is additionally important to identify the most suitable shoes for your game. They need to be comfortable as well since you will mostly be standing or walking for long periods while wearing them.

If you took some time and visited any online golf stores today, you will most definitely be surprised with the numerous types of golf shoes put up for sale. There are golf trainers, classic styled shoes and golf boots meant for wet or muddy weather. Consumers can also choose from a variety of colors. The assorted styles, designs and functionality are all aimed at meeting the needs and temperaments of different golfers. A lot of research and innovation goes into designing and producing different shoes meant for playing golf. At the moment, even fashionable materials such as suede is used in making shoes.

New Hipster Clothing store launched

The hipster fashion trend has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years. Not just amongst people who live the full hipster lifestyle, but the clothes are getting popular with the more mainstream youth market.

A new online store Hipster; has been launched recently, and you guessed it, they sell nothing but hipster clothing.

While op shop and vintage pieces are popular for the hipster look, buying new dresses, shoes, skirts etc. in the style is a great way to get some new clothes in your wardrobe at a reasonable cost without having to spend the time trawling through all the second hand stuff. A lot of people will also mix their vintage/retro finds with the new pieces they buy – that way you have the best of both worlds.

I hope this helps any of you out there who are into this new look fill up your wardrobe!

It Is All about The Shoes

I remember recently buying a brand new outfit. It consisted of a black and white sweater and skin-tight trousers that were also black. It took me a while to finally choose something I liked, so you can imagine what a smile it put on my face. The moment I dressed the outfit, I realised that something was definitely missing. After a while I pinpointed the problem: my shoes. The shoes I was wearing at that time didn’t match my outfit. The were the culprit behind all this and it needed to change.

I am sure that most of you have been in a similar predicament before: you finally found your long-desired outfit only to discover that matching shoes were nowhere to be found. What can you do in such a situation? You can, for example, go directly to www.gipsydharma.com where you will find a great deal of shoes or boots that your feet are actually going to enjoy.

This isn’t the first time I have heard about shoes that feel so natural, light and skin-like. In my opinion, the shoes that I choose to wear shouldn’t definitely feel heavy, but rather light as a feather. This has been my philosophy for a long time and nothing indicates that it is going to change any time soon. I simply like it when the clothes and shoes I choose to wear breathe and don’t make me feel heavier than I am.

Duck and Cover: For the guy that likes the stand out

Duck and Cover have nailed the art of stylish menswear.  It is their quirky take on traditional designs that has made them a firm favourite with men all over the world.

If you have failed to hear about British clothing label Duck and Cover, where have you been hiding for the last few years?  This is a brand that was established in 1996 with this unknown brand quickly growing in popularity.  A group of designers wanted to bring a fun and casual feel to their clothing and create something they were very happy to wear themselves.

How did they come up with the name?

The brand name represents their relaxed attitude to fashion and was a name that came from a well known public awareness video dating back to the early fifties.  The film was called Duck and Cover and was broadcast at the height of the cold war with Soviet Union.  It featured a turtle urging children to duck in the unfortunate event of a nuclear attack.  The film still features on the clothing brand’s website.

The designers wanted the brand to highlight their light hearted approach to life but focused more towards their attitude to fashion.  They were very aware of the fashion industry and how a lot of fashion lovers and designers take fashion far too seriously and wanted to change this attitude.

They have achieved what they wanted and that is to stand out from the crowd with a bit of British humour but not forgetting the seriousness associated with the brand.

Back to today…..  They have now been selling their cool and unique t shirts, jumpers, jeans and other clothing items for men for many years now.  Due to its popularity they have even extended their market to women but designing clothing for men will always be their main market.

They have built a ‘one of a kind’ identity that is very distinctive.  They are very careful on which retailers they supply their clothes to.  In fact they will only sell to a small number of retailers that completely understand the ethos surrounding their brand targeting a specific niche.

Be cool this winter

With summer a distant memory and we start gearing up for the colder months, fashionable men all around the country are starting to build their winter wardrobe.

Why be dull in the winter Duck and Cover have a range of classy yet bright coloured items available showing that you can be fashion conscious in the winter.   When it comes to men’s clothing their range of shirts, jumpers and jeans speak volumes.

This exclusive brand is much sought after by men of all ages and is mainly because they feel confident when wearing Duck and Cover.  Plus the most important fact is that they pride themselves in being designer but affordable making them appeal to a vast market.

Every season they become a trend setter which many other brands admire to.