Duck and Cover: For the guy that likes the stand out

Duck and Cover have nailed the art of stylish menswear.  It is their quirky take on traditional designs that has made them a firm favourite with men all over the world.

If you have failed to hear about British clothing label Duck and Cover, where have you been hiding for the last few years?  This is a brand that was established in 1996 with this unknown brand quickly growing in popularity.  A group of designers wanted to bring a fun and casual feel to their clothing and create something they were very happy to wear themselves.

How did they come up with the name?

The brand name represents their relaxed attitude to fashion and was a name that came from a well known public awareness video dating back to the early fifties.  The film was called Duck and Cover and was broadcast at the height of the cold war with Soviet Union.  It featured a turtle urging children to duck in the unfortunate event of a nuclear attack.  The film still features on the clothing brand’s website.

The designers wanted the brand to highlight their light hearted approach to life but focused more towards their attitude to fashion.  They were very aware of the fashion industry and how a lot of fashion lovers and designers take fashion far too seriously and wanted to change this attitude.

They have achieved what they wanted and that is to stand out from the crowd with a bit of British humour but not forgetting the seriousness associated with the brand.

Back to today…..  They have now been selling their cool and unique t shirts, jumpers, jeans and other clothing items for men for many years now.  Due to its popularity they have even extended their market to women but designing clothing for men will always be their main market.

They have built a ‘one of a kind’ identity that is very distinctive.  They are very careful on which retailers they supply their clothes to.  In fact they will only sell to a small number of retailers that completely understand the ethos surrounding their brand targeting a specific niche.

Be cool this winter

With summer a distant memory and we start gearing up for the colder months, fashionable men all around the country are starting to build their winter wardrobe.

Why be dull in the winter Duck and Cover have a range of classy yet bright coloured items available showing that you can be fashion conscious in the winter.   When it comes to men’s clothing their range of shirts, jumpers and jeans speak volumes.

This exclusive brand is much sought after by men of all ages and is mainly because they feel confident when wearing Duck and Cover.  Plus the most important fact is that they pride themselves in being designer but affordable making them appeal to a vast market.

Every season they become a trend setter which many other brands admire to.