5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Truck

There is nothing quite like the experience of buying a new truck when you’ve worked long and hard to afford the truck of your dreams. However, what you have always sought after might not be a dream come true, but rather more like a nightmare when you learn what could, and often does, go wrong. If you are in the market for a new truck, here are five things to consider.

1. Safety Rating

Before anything else, it is always advisable to check out safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). While you might have a favorite make and model you’ve been dreaming of owning, is that a wise choice if it rates poorly on roadworthiness? Always keep a few other makes and models in mind!

2. Fuel Type & Mileage

While cars get considerably better mileage with diesel engines, trucks are not quite as efficient. Even so, diesel is preferential, as you will find on sites like Black Smoke Media for other, even more important, reasons, which will be mentioned in a moment. Even so, if you are getting the average of two or three miles more per gallon with diesel rather than with gasoline, that’s a considerable difference if you will be doing much driving!

3. Towing Capacity

When buying a new pickup truck, it is vital to know the towing capacity if you will need to use it as a work vehicle where you may be called upon to tow periodically. From pulling equipment trailers to animal trailers to vehicles, towing capacity is of prime importance if you need to pull any great weight.

4. Engine Size/Power

Here is where a diesel engine is the better option. What many new truck owners don’t realize is that diesel engines are equipped with turbochargers. These are pumps which drive gas exhaust to add increased amounts of air to the combustion chamber. The benefit of extra air means that more fuel can be injected, which then gives the engine increased torque, which in turn, equates to more power. Diesel engines are preferred if you are looking for power.

5. Cab Size

Finally, will you often be carrying passengers? If so, you might want to opt for a truck with an extended cab. There’s nothing like a backseat when more than two people will be riding in the truck and even though most extended cabs don’t leave much in the way of leg area, they are a real advantage if you have kids or friends who need to fit in the cab.

While there are other considerations you should be looking at, these are the top five, which can often lead you to change your mind about which new truck you really want to test drive. Before buying a new truck, take the time to investigate safety ratings and from there, you can choose which features you really want in a truck, especially fuel efficiency. This is going to be your new baby, so you want to have all the features and extras you can afford. Decide what’s important and go from there.