Catering Ideas for your Wedding

When people think about weddings, they probably visualize white dresses, flowers, color-themed bridesmaids and a nice sit-down meal or buffet. If that is your idea of the perfect wedding day, then that’s what you should do – it’s your special day, and it should be exactly what you want. If you don’t feel the traditional style is for you, there are other ways of catering at a wedding that will provide delicious and memorable food for your guests.


Barbecues are normally associated with family get-togethers in the backyard rather than formal occasions like weddings, but a barbecue could be a great option, especially if the reception is taking place outdoors. There’s no need to worry about whether the dishes you select will appeal to everyone or the bother of compiling a menu. With a barbecue your guests will be able to choose exactly what they want; just make sure you have a vegetarian option, a good variety of meats and vegetables, and plenty of different salads and side dishes. You could go the whole hog and get a specialist catering company in to do your barbecue, or it’s one of the easier options to self-cater. If you have a look online, you’ll find lots of delicious recipes to make the meal special at websites like Pocket Change Gourmet.

One pot weddings

There’s something very special about sharing a huge bowl of hot, spicy food that brings people together that has almost universal appeal. You could have a range of different dishes; a hot Madras curry and a mild green Thai curry, a chili, paella, a hearty casserole; there are so many wonderful one-pot meals you won’t be short on choice. You could opt for a single theme to your meal, perhaps a selection of different tagines with a range of flatbreads, or a variety of soups with different kinds of artisan bread. If you have a passion for a particular cuisine, this can be a great option as it makes the meal more personal for you, and as long as you have veggie options and a range of spice levels, you should be able to cater for all tastes.

Keep it sweet

Who says you must have a main meal that relegates dessert to an afterthought that everyone’s too full to eat? If you love your sweet things, make that the focus of your wedding meal. It doesn’t have to mean everyone will need to go on a diet afterward either; there are plenty of fresh fruit dishes and low-calorie desserts to go with the sticky toffee puddings and whipped cream meringues. You could have an ice cream bar, or even an ice cream factory, where your guests help themselves to whatever flavor ice cream they want plus syrups and toppings. Another nice idea is to have a pick and mix sweet shop, so your guests can choose a selection of special sweets to take home with them.

However you want to celebrate your day, don’t feel you have to follow traditions or current trends. Do what makes you happy and what will make the day as memorable as possible for you.