Fashion Tips for Big Curvy Women

Who said that big and curvy women cannot be fashionable? When it comes to fashion, there is something in it for everybody, even for those who for some reason weight more than others do.

If your body mass index is above average and you have problems losing weight, or you simply don’t care how much you weight, don’t panic and don’t give up on trying to look trendy. There are some tips and tricks that will help you stay fashionable and look trendy no matter how big and curvy your body is.

1. Try to stick with darker colors that can help you to appear smaller than you really are. It is proven that the color black is particularly effective when it comes to hiding those few extra pounds you might have gained lately. There are some exceptions to this rule. One of those exceptions is that when you prefer brighter colors after all. Darker colors such as black can make you appear older than you are, so if you want to look younger, stick with brighter colors after all.

2. Don’t wear baggy clothes. It is a common misconception that wearing baggy clothes can help you appear smaller than you really are.In reality, big clothes will make you appear even bigger than you are so try to stay away from those at all costs.

3. When choosing to wear clothes that have stripes on them always go for vertical stripes and not horizontal ones. Vertical stripes can create an impression that you are slimmer than you really are giving you the opportunity to hide your curves.

4. Don’t let anybody convince you that you shouldn’t be fashionable only because of how much you weight. Big beautiful women have every right to look and feel good about themselves.