Fashion Trends of 2014

The runways have given us numerous fashion trends to look forward to. Most people want to be among the first to wear these fashion pieces and so, to assist you get the best fashion advice, we have listed some of the top spring and summer 2014 fashion trends.





Chiffon is increasingly becoming a spring staple. This will not surprise anyone who has been following the recent fashion trends. Spring is about bright colours and light fabrics, and chiffon got both of these qualities. To make a fashion statement this spring, you should layer your

chiffon under your tops, as shown by collections from Celine and Dior.


Tea-length Skirts

If you are tired of summery maxi and midi skirts, then you should go for tea-length skirts. Tea-length skirts meet the two at the middle. These skirts are reminiscent of movies from the 50s. Although these skirts work

best for taller women, short women can also wear them on condition that they wear high heels. Tea-length skirts can be combined with crop tops, as proved by collections from Christian Siriano and Proenza Schouler.


Wide-leg bottoms

This look from the 70s is back. When paired with crop tops or tights, wide legged pants or bottoms give you the perfect look for spring. Wide-leg bottoms are flattering; a quality that places them amongst the top spring 2014 fashion trends. If you are not very tall, you can spot this trendy look by opting for less flare and high waist pants.


Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses enjoyed spotlight in the fashion industry in the 90s. These dresses are coming back and the slick version is the most popular because it gives you a trendy look since it barely hangs on your shoulders.


Button down shirts

You probably have been wearing a button-down shirt to the office. Button down shirts have become a common sight on the runway. There are different ways of wearing this fashion piece. You can opt for mixed colours, all white shirts or in prints. These shirts are here to stay, and designers

like Valentino will never get tired of showing diverse ways of wearing button down shirts.


Earthy Tones

Like pastels, earthy tones are becoming a must-have fashion piece for spring/summer 2014.


Bomber Jackets

Cool bomber jackets are increasingly replacing moto jackets. Bomber jackets can either come in sporty details or prints. This is the major reason why these jackets are in the top spring/summer 2014 fashion trends. Marc Jacobs collection perfectly represents this trend.


Where can you find these trends?

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