How Health Affects Fashion

In order to fully take advantage of the latest fashion trends one needs to look good. And by looking good I not only mean being slim and fit, but also the absence of the condition known as DVT.

It is true that various leg-related conditions that affect the way your legs look can ruin your life especially if you are into fashion. There are some things however you can do in order to avoid the condition, and all of them are related to fashion.

Skimpy and tight jeans are no longer going to be an option as the tighter the clothes the more potential there is for blood clots. Remember to keep your clothes as loose as possible and you are already doing a lot for your body. You will be a lot healthier once you don’t put additional strain on your legs, which have been through a lot already. Only because you are deciding to do so does not have to mean that you cannot be fashionable. Another great idea is to wear darker stockings. This maybe won’t help you prevent the condition, but it can at least help you to mask some of them symptoms.