How to Design a Vacation Rental Property

Have you recently purchased a vacation rental property in the Miami area? Is the property looking a little tired and not very inspired? The Miami vacation rental market is a very competitive one, which means you need to be putting your best foot forward if you hope to get top dollar from renters. So before you go ahead and list your property for rent, it can be well worth your time, and money to make a few updates, renovations, and changes to the property.

Here are some tips that will help you design a vacation rental property that not only helps to rent the place out, but also gets you top dollar.

Ensure the Property Has Air Conditioning

Miami is known for its incredible hot, sunny weather most of the year and with that in mind you want to make sure your guests are kept cool and comfortable indoors. This means the rental property needs to have air conditioning that is in good working condition.

If you do need to have your property’s HVAC serviced, or you are starting from scratch and need an HVAC system installed then it’s important you hire someone with the proper training and certification. It’s a good idea to look for someone with HVAC training Miami to ensure they get the job done correctly the first time.

Make Sure the Furniture is Fresh and Current

The next step will be to make sure that the furniture you use in the rental property is fresh and current looking. It shouldn’t feel like a clutter of unwanted items just thrown into the space. This will turn renters right off, and end up bringing down the value of your property. Renters want to stay in a space that feels fresh and clean, and the furniture is a big part of this.

A few money-saving tips when furnishing a property is to get pieces from consignment shops, as long as the pieces are in good condition, and look into slip covers that can be washed and kept clean.

Keep the Color Palette Neutral

If the vacation property was meant just for you and not for renters then you could go all out and really choose bold colors and prints. When decorating a rental property however, it’s a good idea to stick with a neutral color palette. This appeals to a much broader group of people and also adds to that whole feeling of fresh and clean. If you insist on having some pops of color, do so with accent pieces like pillows, throws, area rugs, artwork, vases, and other decorative pieces.

Create a Lush and Comfortable Looking Bedroom

As potential renters check out photos of your property, one of the first pictures they will want to see is of the bedroom. This is a room you will want to spend a little extra care on making sure you provide a good quality mattress with lush looking linens. Go the extra mile with special touches like soft and cozy looking throw blankets, extra plush pillows on the bed, night stands complete with decorative lamps, and a big comfy armchair perfect for reading and relaxing.

The Extra Details Will Help with Bookings

You’ll find that all of these extra details are what help you to rent out your property and bring in top dollar.