How To Have A Memorable Family Road Trip

Travelling with your kids ought not to be a dreadful affair as many people make it to be. With the right planning and preparation, you could all have a wonderful time together.

In fact, going on a road trip with your kids in one of the best ways to spend time together as a family. It can strengthen your bonds especially if work commitments and school work keep you from spending quality time together. Nothing beats the allure of hitting the open roads in the company of the people you love most.

Here’s our road trip tips for an unforgettable adventure.


You can lack a plan if you are travelling alone but with your kids in the mix, you need to have a plan for your road trip. As much you still need to be spontaneous to add some excitement to your trip, make some plans on your accommodation for the nights you’ll spend on the road.

You don’t want to be moving from one hotel to the next with your kids in tow. So make plans for your accommodation every morning as you start on your itinerary for the day.

Car maintenance

Ensure that your car is in a good shape for the road trip. If your last service was more than two months ago, take it to a mechanic to have it checked. Your safety depends on it.

They should check and change the fluids if need be and look at the tires for pressure and damages. Before you take your car out on the road, ensure everything is in working order and the risk of having breakdowns before your next service is minimal.

Equally important is the comfort of your car. The service also serves the purpose of reducing mechanical vibrations that make for an uncomfortable driving especially on rough roads to make you more comfortable. If your 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Driver Seat is broken, then invest in a repair kit before your departure. Discomfort makes you lose concentration which may be a costly mistake.

Car safety

Use the central locking system to keep your children safe in the car. Kids are experimental and they accidentally open the doors if the child safety locks are not in place.

Everyone should be belted up and if you have babies in the car, then invest in a child safety seat. While you hope you don’t become a victim accidents do happen and the seatbelts may be the only difference between life and a serious injury or even death.

A perfect road trip is one where everyone returns home safe and sound.


Your driving comes into sharp focus when you are with your family on a road trip. You will save on fuel by driving smoothly and avoiding crowded roads. Also, be courteous to other road users and obey the traffic rules.

More importantly, keep your kids occupied so they don’t distract you from concentrating on driving. You can have them play games in the backseat as you drive.