How to Stay Fashionable on an Outdoor Based Vacation

Even though you are on vacation, you still don’t want to feel like a wandering nomad. You want to enjoy your time away, especially if you are going camping, hunting, or fishing with the guys. You probably won’t be traveling alone, and every year, your friends have the latest gadgets, the most comfortable and trendy outdoor clothing.

They always seem to choose the most exotic places to go, so when it’s your turn to choose a destination, you’ll want to give it some careful consideration so as not to be outdone by last year’s fishing trip to Alaska! This year, why not put them all to shame! Here is how you can stay fashionable on an outdoor vacation, even though all you really want to do is get away from work and responsibilities for a week or two.

Trendy Gear Is a Must

Most often, when the guys get together for a vacation, they always bring along their newest gear. This year, you’ve chosen a hunting trip and now you need to find a few pieces of gear they would never have imagined you to go in for. You’ve recently purchased the top-of-the-line AR 15 for hunting big game. So why not check out the AR 15 Scope Center for a state-of-the-art scope that will have them all drooling? When it’s you who gets the big one this year, the attention you’ve given to fashion will certainly pay off!

Latest Trend in Camping Attire

While you know you need to get the latest camo jacket and pants, some are simply more fashionable than others. Yes, comfort is an important factor, but so too is the quality and cut of the outfit. When you are going for a blaze orange vest, at least choose one that is produced by a trendy outfitter because labels tell it all. It’s your turn to plan the vacation, so do it up in style.

Location, Location, Location

Even though the group agreed that this year is the year to go on a hunt, it doesn’t mean that you need to go to some obscure backwoods hunting grounds. Why not book a lodge with all the amenities so that as the sun sets and you go in for the night, you can sit in a rustic log cabin with all the comfort of home? Choose a location that has great restaurants in the area if you are not going to be cooking every night, and if the weather is cold, as it usually is during deer season, for example, you’ll want a cabin with a warm and toasty fireplace.

The sad truth is that guys are simply more competitive than women. While women will want the latest trends in designer clothing when on vacation with the gals, men want the trendiest gear and technology. By all means, choose trendy hunting attire, but it’s the toys which will settle the score. Want to be one up on last year’s outdoor vacation? This is how you do it.