Florence, Rome, Cinque Terre, Sicily, Capri…for a wedding star!

Have you been dreaming of a magical wedding in Italy but
wondering where to begin and how to plan? Weddingitaly.com can turn your
dream into a reality. The perks of getting married in Italy are
countless because the variety of places you can choose from. Every place
reflects something different and unique. Some cities let you relive the
ancient times or surrounds you with an enchanting natural beauty while
others sweep you off into a romantic escape.

Depending on the wedding aspects you want, you have every right to
choose your location. This also includes if you want to say your vows in
a country church, an ancient castle, a medieval villa, a palace, up on
the snow covered mountains in the Alps, near the sea coast, on a hill, a
plain surrounded by greenery – the choices never end. The upside of a
wedding in Italy is the romantic mood it sets you in while the
breathtaking views and history captivates you. That is why
WeddingItaly.com takes the honor of planning out all the wedding
arrangements and covers the hassle that comes with it while you and your
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Every place has its own unique feature that will leave you enthralled
and one cannot compare with another. Cities like Sicily, Venice and Rome
takes lets you relive the moments of what we would have only imagined in
Romantic novels – the narrow streets of Venice, islands in the Grand
Canal, or the beach in Jesolo, to mention a few. Sicily offers one of
the best unique and quality Italian foods while Rome offers an array of
choices. Getting married at a church in Vatican or in historic monuments
like the Collosseo or even eloping away to one of the traditional
villages closer to the mountains are other great options for your
destination wedding in Italy.