New Online Fashion Jewelry Site

With so many online shopping sites and stores online I often find it difficult to wade through all of the stuff I don’t like.  A friend of mine actually told me about this new jewelry site ( Love & Pieces ) that I think you really should take a look at.  They are based out of Miami Beach and everything is curated with a personal touch.  They have really cool edgy jewelry along with some more traditional stuff.  Gold is still really in, so a lot of the pieces are gold but it’s an amazing selection of very particular jewelry designers and specific pieces from them.

I reached out to the owner Elissa to learn more about the company and how she got the idea.  “We just launched this summer and have had an incredible response.  We are growing faster than we could ever have anticipated and it’s an exciting time for Love & Pieces.  I came from buying for a large department store but felt that so many online options were missing that curated touch.  We started Love & Pieces to offer pieces that we truly believed in.  If we wouldn’t wear it, then we’re not going to sell it.”

They started with 10 designers but are now on their way to 20 jewelry designers.  Offering both women’s and really cute children’s jewelry there are a ton of great gift options.  Free gift wrapping on all orders and free shipping on orders over $100 I think it’s worth a look.  On another note their Instagram feed is pretty cool also.  Instagram: @loveandpiecesig  Website: