Rome on a Budget

Rome has always been a dream destination for many people in the world. When people come to Europe, they usually want to make sure that they are going to visit Rome. Once you already spend plenty of money on your plane ticket and a place to stay, now might be the time to start thinking about surviving in Rome without spending plenty of money in it. I would like to offer you some tips that will make your trip to Rome worthwhile:

-Once you already arrive in Rome and you are ready to start your adventures, do not use a bus or a taxi. The best ways to move around Rome is to walk and admire what it has to offer.
-Avoid using taxi services at all cost. If a taxi driver notices that you are foreigner, he is very likely to overcharge you. He knows that you do not know your way around Rome and he knows how to cheat you out of your money.
-It is also wise to avoid buses, metros, and other crowded places where pickpockets operate. Keep your money in a place where nobody can see it.
-Wherever you go, dress appropriately.
-Enjoy your trip to Rome as much as possible. This might be the only time you will ever spend in Rome, so use your time wisely.