I remember visiting Savannah when I was a child. My distant uncle used to live there and my parents decided to pay him a short visit during our stay on the East Coast. My memories of the city are rather vague, although I remember that the buildings in the city were of the original architecture and were rather big. I know that there are many historical locations in Savannah that this city is renowned for. After all, it is a home to the third largest synagogue in the United States and the founder of the Girls Scouts of the United States of America was born there. Visiting Savannah at any time of the year can be both educational and entertaining. Of course, it depends what you do at Savannah once you visit it. Some people think that sightseeing this attractive city is the best way you can spend your time. Depending on what you want to do, you might have a chance to participate in the Savannah Ghost Tour or take the Savannah Civil War Walk. I believe that such tours last approximately 2 hours so you will have a chance to fit even a few of them into your busy schedule.