The Evolution of Plus Size Women

In a world that is run by appearances and looks, we are told by the media what the perfect women is supposed to look like. Before we were bombarded with messages that said being skinny equaled being healthy and that a size 0 meant full attention. And that being plus size was unhealthy and a size 12 wasn’t an attention-getter.

In contrast, today we are presented with images that favor plus size women and send the message that is OK to be a plus size. Designers and brands are catering more to “real women” that are sizes 12+. Stores like Sammydress and Macy’s have a wide selection of fashionable and trendy styles available for plus size women at reasonable prices that will keep you on budget.

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When you head to Macy’s or Sammydress this holiday season celebrate your individuality and don’t be afraid of what others think. Feel sexy and show your curves with an array of dress choices at Sammydress and super low prices. For a more sophisticated, and classic look Macy’s has it. With prices that are reduced on a weekly basis, be sure you’ll find something that fits your budget.

The evolution of the plus size women in fashion brought full selection of clothes available in stores like Sammydress and Macy’s. Now any look can be worn by plus size women. And don’t forget you’re worth it.