Top Fashion Picks for 2014

Even though winter is already in full swing, many of us hadn’t had that much time to shop for winter clothes yet for a number of reasons. We all were busy in December buying Christmas gifts for our loved ones, but January means the end of season and finally a time to dedicate some effort to ourselves. With so many great sales both online and offline taking place in the month of January, it is no winder that so many of us are still scrambling around looking for something to wear. Even though I did a large chunk of my clothes shopping before Christmas, it never ceases to amaze me how many good deals can be actually found after New Year. I would like to offer you a short list of a few useful items that can come in handy during the last weeks of winter, especially since the weather forecasts predict that heavy snow and low temperatures are going to hit the UK very soon.

1.Quality socks. I am not talking about socks you can buy in Poundland. I am talking about something a lot better, something such as socks from Paul Smith or any other popular quality brand renowned in the UK.

2. Exceptional scarfs. Again, Paul Smith never fails to deliver. The brand has been on the UK scene for a very long time and it keeps delivering better and better items.

3. V-neck jumpers such as the jumpers from Hugo Boss for example. It seems that v-neck jumpers never go out of fashion. Both young as well as older men tend to love them.

4.Leather gloves (you will be looking in the direction of Hugo Boss again). What would be winter without quality leather gloves? Black is again trendy, and for a good reason.

5. Jeans hooded jumpers from Armani. As always, hooded jumpers are warm and trendy at the same time. Men of all ages love them for those cold winter months.