Uniforms are More Than Just Cost

More often than not, uniforms and other work attire are chosen simply on a cost basis. With the rising cost of doing business and consumers’ needs for lower prices, saving money is definitely an important factor. This being said, there are a wide variety of other factors that can play into choosing the right pilot uniforms for your crew. To think about the impact choosing the wrong uniform vendor can have on your business, you simply have to look at the importance of your pilots and flight crew.

These are your frontline soldiers in your day to day business. When customers think of your business, they think of the flight attendants they dealt with on their last flight. As such, an important factor in choosing the right uniforms is looks. A pilot uniform or any other flight crew uniform should always look professional and well-made. Cheaply made uniforms have a tendency to look cheaply made, lowering the assumed quality of your service.

Cheaply made uniforms can have other impacts, as well. From a cost perspective, these uniforms will need to be replaced more often. This can be due to wear and tear, accidental ripping, or spills and stains. A higher quality garment will most likely employ more effective stain guards and better protect against normal wear and tear.

For your pilots and flight crew, the comfort of the uniforms is important. Lower grade materials can come across as itchy or abrasive to some skin types. Even worse, they spark allergic reactions or other health concerns. The fit of the uniform plays an important factor in the comfort of your crew. If a uniform is ill-fitting, it will not only leave the crew member uncomfortable, but it can also give your customers a poor impression of your company.

When shopping around for a new uniform vendor, be sure to ask questions. Major vendors like Garffshirts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If your vendor waffles around or skirts the question, then maybe it is time to look for a vendor you can build a trusting relationship with.