Why are Designer Glasses Really Expensive?

It is frustrating each time you decide to buy a new pair of luxury designer glasses and ultimately cancel your plans because you can’t afford it. This will make you think about buying cheaper knockoffs instead. They look pretty much the same, but the cost is less than half what it would cost if you buy an authentic pair of glasses. Even if you have to spend more for designer glasses, it is worth it. In fact, you will stop considering knockoffs if you understand why designer glasses are more expensive.

UV ray protection

This is a very important quality. You are using glasses not just for the sake of fashion or better vision, but also for protection against the sun. Knockoffs usually use regular lenses. They don’t have the ability to protect you from UV rays. Designer brands on the other hand have complete protection against UV rays. Some are even polarised. This means that there is no glare. If you are driving or playing sports, you won’t get easily distracted.

The reason why you need glasses that have UV ray protection is that UV rays are extremely harmful. Some people have developed visual impairments like cataracts because of UV rays. In extreme situations, some people even ended up becoming blind. This is true especially if you are always outdoors.


This is another reason why you should invest in quality designer brands. They are made from quality materials that are designed to last a long time. This means that even if you spend hundreds of pounds, you are assured that they can be used over and over again. Even after many years, you can still use these quality glasses.

On the other hand, knockoffs are usually made from low quality materials. This is why even if you have only used them once, they might become damaged. Yes, they are cheaper, but they are worthless if you have to keep buying a new pair because the old ones broke.

There are a lot of popular designer brands to choose from. If you want quality and affordability at the same time, go for Tom Ford glasses. These designer glasses are of high quality. There are also a lot of choices available. Whether you want thicker or thinner frames, light or dark coloured lenses, and circular or rectangular frames, there are the perfect glasses for you.

Again, by choosing quality designer glasses, you won’t regret spending a lot of money. Try checking online for top brands sold at lower prices. You just have to pay the additional shipping fee, and wait for the glasses to be delivered to you in a few days.

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