Why Use Natural Cosmetics

There comes a time in the life of every woman when she has to made the decision whether or not to wear makeup. This can happen anywhere between 13 and 20 years of age, while for some women it happens a lot later than that. The important thing here is to realise that there is a lot more to makeup than we all might think. While for some women it is all about buying expensive lotions, others go to the kitchen in order to apply their makeup. I personally favour the second approach as a great alternative to all those expensive products that we can all see in various commercials out there.

If you would like to start using natural makeup I suggest that you head straight to your kitchen immediately. Chances are that you will find there anything you need to know in order to create that perfect recipe that will allow your face to transform into something completely different to what it is really like. Women are proven to change almost completely based on the amount of makeup they wear, so there is no reason you shouldn’t try it as well.

There are some great ingredients you can find in your kitchen such as cocoa powder, sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon, anything you can think of. Natural cosmetics also come at a fraction of the price, which means that they should become a lot more accessible to you. And it’s not only about the price as such cosmetics are toxin free. They are safe for you as well, because what can go wrong when you put some cocoa powder on your lips? They are free from all those harmful substances that can be found in many products manufactured by companies such as L’Oreal and many more. They are better for your skin that synthetic cosmetics anyway as they will leave your skin glowing ready for more.