Gather all The Pictures you Want

My fashion choices define who I am and what my personality is. In my wardrobe, I have lots of colorful clothes most of which are pink and purple. I also like many other colors such as blue and green, but the colors pink and purple definitely tend to dominate everything in my life. After all, this is my style and I am really proud of it. People recognize me by my style and because of this they know precisely who I am.

As a fashion enthusiast, I spend a great deal of time every day browsing the Internet. I come across dozens of pictures each day that contain the items I would like to get my hands on one day. Additionally, It was recently that I came across this Piccing APP that allows me to gather all the pictures from the Internet I find appealing and store them in one place. This way my friends and many other can have easy access and learn more about me.

One of my friends, Angela, is very excited about the application. She has been following this blog and my style for a while now. She even expressed her desire to learn more about where I get my ideas from to be able to imitate me. I don’t object to it. As a matter of fact, I look forward to sharing with her all the pictures I have managed to gather from all over the Net to show her who I really am. Being able to have all the pics in one place sounds very convenient to me and I look forward to using the application to be able to share more about me and my style with my readers, my family and friends. This way I will even have bigger opportunities to show how I am.