Get More Bloglovin Followers by Following These Tips

Have you ever heard about Bloglovin? It is a website, but the writer categorizes it as an example of the social media too, that can be used as the media of information but it is related closely to the blogs. Generally there are many social media that people can have and join all of them. However, it is different with the popular Bloglovin. It enables the users to follow and read all kinds of update with the new posts of some blogs. It is different from the other blogging websites.

How to Gain Bloglovin Followers

Bloglovin has also some followers to keep your updates whenever you just uploaded a post. Getting more Bloglovin followers can be used for promoting some links for your Bloglovin too. First of all, you need to make an account first before you can log in into your account in Bloglovin. After successfully logged in, you can cope the code of HTML to your button follow in Bloglovin by using Control and Copy. Then you can paste that code by right-clicking and then selecting paste.

You need to make a new post that explains about the meaning of Bloglovin for you and what the Bloglovin is. When there are some beginners who are interested in your description then they will get more Bloglovin followers for you. You need to link your posts with your followers or the readers so that if they are interested to you, they will know more the detail of your Bloglovin account. You can gain more followers by making a contest or giveaway in which the rule has to promote your account. Besides, you can make a contest of something which the users have to follow your accounts to enter the contest. It sounds unique and also different from other kinds of social media, right?

Manual Instruction

Let’s begin to promote your blog by login to your Bloglovin account. This can be done after you have been successfully registered. Then using “C” or control to copy the HTML code to your Bloglovin follow button. Alternatively, you may use a right click and then copy it. Keep in mind to paste, after copy at first to the code into your  or “About Me” or “Web Info” onto your blog code by using “P”  and C. After that, create new post on your blog that explain what is a Bloglovin and its definition and then linking it to your account. Certainly it will give followers opportunity to study about Bloglovin. To get more bloglovin followers, you need to post link into your bloglovin in the end of your post so that both followers and new readers can see the link.

Creating a Specific Contents

Another option to improve Bloglovin followers is by creating a specific contest. This is not ordinary contest you imagined recently but this contest allows you to give a free item or providing free service as like styling readers live in an area that wear a clothing.  Just to make them following many people to follow your tips in Bloglovin to join with a contest.