What to wear to the Italian Grand Prix

The Italian Grand Prix will be held in September in Monza, the circuit being famed for its fast corners, accidents, and an atmosphere that is so intense that you can cut it with a knife. However, the Italian Grand Prix is not just about the race; it is about the whole event, the hospitality, and the after parties that are as important as the race itself. F1 Monza hospitality packages include not just the best in accommodation, but passes to the paddock club Monza and Amber Lounge, making it an event where you will rub shoulders with not just the F1 crew, but with the famous.

The Amber Lounge is the place to be seen at the Grand Prix Monza, and the after parties are spectacular, the champagne flowing freely along with the gourmet snacks and silver service menu. So, if you are attending the Italian Grand Prix at Monza this year, you will need to know just what to wear. From your VIP seats above the paddock club you will watch the race by day; by night you will party with the movie stars and musicians in the Amber Lounge.

The Amber Lounge itself is famous for its fashion and catwalk displays, so when you are attending the Monza Grand Prix this year, you need to look the part. September is a time of year when the heat is not just on the race track, it is still in the air, so forget winter clothes and stick with day attire that is classy and smart, yet light and breathable. In the VIP paddock lounge, your private viewing area will be equipped with Air Conditioning, making it a place where you can relax in style, dress in style, and enjoy the race without having to worry about the heat on your face.

Italy is renowned for its fashion, so when you attend the F1 at Monza this year, you need to ensure that you look the part. Your choice of label is your own; but make sure that you look classy, elegant, and stylish. You will be brushing with the stars in the Amber lounge and after parties; so ensure that you have at least two or three evening outfits that exude elegance and taste. The famous musicians, film stars, and race officials you will rub shoulders with in the VIP lounge will be dressed to impress; so make sure you are too.

At evening time, the temperature outside may drop, but in the Amber Lounge the party will be hotting up. If you wish to be on the safe side, take a stylish jacket or coat that you can team up with your evening outfits for those chilly hours before dawn. Remember, your VIP hospitality package will include five star accommodation, silver service dining, and entrance to the paddock club and Amber lounge. So, when attending the Italian grand Prix this year, ensure that you dress like a star; you will be treated like royalty and you will really look the part.