Men’s jewelry (Developments with Men’s Jewelry over time)

Some people thinks that it is not okay for men to wear jewelry while others think that men’s jewelry is a nice and colorful way to express masculinity and self-awareness, there are many opinions on the subject, almost as many opinions as there are people in the world we live in.

Up throughout history many types of jewelry has been worn by men of all ages, to show status or rank to others passing by and seeing them. In modern times in the west we have for long believed that the man’s only jewelry should be his watch, which is an idea started by watchmakers and other fashion people in the beginning of the industrial age as a marketing concept. This has however been revised in recent years because new fashion trendsetters have been promoting bracelets and necklaces for men as well.

Iconic characters such as everyone making rap and pop music in contemporary times have been taking part in promoting a man wearing more jewelry and more extravagant jewelry in recent days. Wearing extravagant jewelry has also been subject to much discussion in fashion circles as the trends change from year to year on social acceptance of extravagance in general.

While some people always think that people wearing fancy men’s jewelry are fancy people others may think that it is narcissistic and pompous to wear very flashy jewelry and clothes. While most wealthy people prefer to be modestly dressed, there are many upper middleclass people who like to express themselves through their wears, especially in America and Asia we will see these tendencies. It is often important to remember that a lot of expressive jewelry does not necessarily cost more than the modest items, because some simple things are made from very good materials by famous designers and engineers.