How To Become The Fashion King Or Queen Of Your Gym

You sweat it out and pump your muscles till they ache while you are in the gym.

Is it too much to ask that you look good while doing it?

Looking good in the gym is possible – provided you know how to carry yourself and wear the right combination of gym t-shirts and rubber shoes.

Some Top Tips on How to Look Good in the Gym


You can look good while breaking a sweat in the gym, and here are some tips you can follow:

Firstly, wear loose and comfortable gym t-shirts and gym tops without the gym’s logo.

Wearing the shirt sold in the gym is passé.

Instead, why not invest some cash on a really cool, yet very affordable, gym top such as this superb Eat Clean Train Dirty Shirt.

You might be mistaken for a trainer and this would definitely distract you from your training program.

Being mistaken for a trainer is good only when the person who asked you is your type.

Next, replace your rubber shoes every six to twelve months to reach optimum levels whenever you work out.

Your rubber shoes are also an important accessory that can make you look good while breaking a sweat.

Choose rubber shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable.

There are dozens of new releases that are colorful yet still perfect for running or workouts.

Thirdly, avoid wearing jewelry with gym t-shirts.

Jewelry only looks good on women and it also distracts you from your workout.

Your range of motion will be limited when you wear a bracelet or necklace while working out.

Next, wear antiperspirant whenever you work out.

Having body odor while working out turns off anyone within smelling distance.

You will turn off women and the other gym goers with body odor.

Make sure that you apply antiperspirant before you hit the gym.

Furthermore, avoid wearing gym t-shirts and pants that are too loose.

Loose shirts and pants limit your range of motion when you are working out.

These loose clothes make it harder for you to exercise properly.

Also, remember to leave the doo-rags to rappers in rap videos.

Unless you are Tupac Shakur, wearing a doo-rag to the gym is a no-no.

You’d also be mistaken for a pirate looking for lost treasure by wearing a doo-rag.

And, lastly, only women should be wearing shorts that are above the knees at the gym.

Wear shorts that fall just over the knees when working out.

Wrapping it up

So, there we have it.

These are some of the tips you can follow so that you can look good while working out.

You can pump iron, get lean and muscular, and look swanky while at the gym.

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